Over 25000 Muslims join prayer for PM Modi success in 2024 Lok Sabha polls

 Over 25000 Muslims join prayer for PM Modi’s success in 2024 Lok Sabha polls at Nagpur’s famous Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Dargah

Religious leaders in Nagpur praise PM Modi’s ‘Sabka Saath, Saath, Sabka Vikas’ principle; call him a 'Great Unifier'

Muslims hail PM Modi for making India a safe haven for community, ensuring never before empowerment  

Muslims all praise for PM Modi performance, extend support for 400+ seats in Lok Sabha polls at IMF’s 'Sadhbhavna' event in Nagpur

Nagpur Resolution Passed: Muslim religious leaders in Nagpur laud PM Modi's initiatives & vision for India's development at Indian Minorities Foundation’s 'Sadhbhavna' event


 Nagpur, 15 February – Over 25,000 devotees belonging to all sects of Muslims and other faiths offered prayer and holy chadar at the Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Dargah in Nagpur (Maharashtra) on Thursday evening to seek divine blessings for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's long life, wellbeing and success in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as part of a programme “Khosusi Duaa Barayee Rehnumaye Azeem : Salamati, Kamyabi wa Umar Darazi” organised by Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) at the shrine.

 On the occasion, Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Multispecialty Hospital was also inaugurated on the premises of this famous Dargah, along with the Mariam Amma Dialysis Centre, by the Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and IMF Convenor, Satnam Singh Sandhu.

People from all sects of the Muslim community including – Sunni, Shia, Dawoodi Bohra, Ahmadiyya, Pasmanda Muslims, Bareillvy and  Kojhbab  also pledged support for PM Modi’s return in 2024 polls by unanimously adopting a “Nagpur Resolution" at this 'Sadhbhavna : Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat”.

Praising the PM Modi government for ensuring Muslims get a safe haven in India, Muslims community leaders and members said they are living happily and prospering in the country due to the unforeseen initiatives taken for their empowerment and development in the past 10 years by PM Modi.

Through the Nagpur Resolution, religious leaders from the Muslim community extended their support for the vision of Viksit Bharat given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a joint statement, the Muslim community leaders said that they will extend full cooperation in their respective capacities to realize the dream of Developed India by 2047. 

Besides  IMF founder Prof Himani Sood, those who attended the event  included Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Trust Nagpur trust members including Pyare Khan, Chairman of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Trust Nagpur, Surendra Jichkar, Vice-Chairman of Hazrat Baba TajuddinTrust Nagpur, Taj Ahmad Raja, Secretary, Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Trust Nagpur, Gajendra Pal Lohia, member Sikh community, Farooq Bawla, member Mehmad Jmaat, Mustafa Bhai, Topiwala, Bohra community member, Burzin Randelia, member Parsi community and Imran Taji, Khadim community.


The head the Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Hospital and renowned Orthopedic surgeon, Dr Mohammed Faizan said the Hospital will provide free treatment to underprivileged patients by a team of highly qualified doctors and specialists. Besides free OPD service and lab tests, dialysis, minor surgeries and medicines will also be provided at the hospital for 16 specialities including Cardiology, Orthopaedic, Radiology, Oncology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gynaecology, Urology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, ENT, Pathology, Gastroenterology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy as well as Psychiatry. This apart, free dialysis facility will be provided to patients through the Sadhbhavna Mariam Amma Dialysis centre at the hospital. Renowned doctors of Nagpur will also visit the hospital two days a week, Dr Faizan added.

Rajya Sabha MP and IMF Convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only strengthened India’s healthcare infrastructure but also built an integrated healthcare system in the country that is affordable and accessible to all the Indians, especially the poor, underprivileged and deprived section of the society. Under his leadership, India got the highest ever budget allocation for health sector, which increased by 159% from Rs. 33,278 Crores in 2013-14 to Rs. 89,155 Crores in 2023-24.”

Sandhu further pointed out the yearly addition of about 2 lakh patients with kidney health concerns in India. “To address this issue, Prime Minister Modi in 2016 launched the PM National Dialysis Programme (PMNDP) to ensure availability of dialysis services free of cost to patients in district hospitals. The Dialysis Centre inaugurated today aligns with PM Modi’s initiative and draws inspiration from his commitment to addressing the health issues related to dialysis,” he added.

Chairman of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Trust, Pyare Phan said PM Modi has worked for the welfare and development of all communities in India.

“PM Modi wants to create a Sufi corridor in India to link all Sufi sites. PM Modi is the first PM to speak about this as he wants to bring all communities together. Muslims are getting development under PM Modi. Instead of working a community, PM Modo has worked for all communities by undertaking welfare measures and creating infrastructure for the development of the country as a whole,” he added. 

 Muslims safe and secure under PM Modi, says Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Auliya Trust Members, Religious leaders  

 Syed Mohammad Mubin Tajji, President of Khudaam Trust, emphasized, " The current government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advocated the message of peace, love, and unity, which echoes even in the teachings of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin. Under his leadership, Muslims in India are experiencing a sense of safety and security. There undoubtedly is no other country in the entire world where Muslims enjoy freedom and peace as in India. PM Modi’s vision, which emphasizes inclusive progress, is warmly welcomed by the Muslim community.

Expressing gratitude towards PM Modi for his ongoing efforts for inclusive development in the country, he said, “The schemes of Modi Government are not limited to any one community, but are focused on the welfare of all communities, all citizens, which reflects PM Modi’s commitment to ensure the upliftment of all through 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas'. We further urge him to continue leading the nation towards prosperity by fostering unity among all communities.”

  Ghulam Ahmed Tajji, a member of the Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Auliya Dargah, said, “Since PM Modi has come into power, he has been instrumental in fostering unity among all the communities. Under his leadership, the nation has witnessed a remarkable era of tranquility and coexistence, wherein people from diverse religions live together with love and harmony. PM Modi has positioned India as a beacon of brotherhood for the world.”

“Throughout his 10-year-tenure, the PM Modi has rightly upheld its motto of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ (Collective Effort, Inclusive Growth) by ensuring the welfare and progress of all citizens through various welfare schemes. PM Modi’s visionary leadership has propelled India towards digital transformation across all sectors. Moreover, he has enhanced India’s image at on the global stage, which is today a desired destination for visitors from across the world. And what is left to be accomplished, PM Modi will fulfil it all in his forthcoming term when he returns with a resounding victory in the 2024 elections, exceeding 400 seats,” he added.

 Khadim Azharuddin Taji, Khuddam at the Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Dargah, said, “As per PM Modi’s Sabka Sabka Sath Vikas, we are all united and can grow together and make the nation stronger and developed if we remain so. There are people who just want to spread hatred, but PM Modi is working to unite the country and ensured all-inclusive development for every community. If somebody wants to do good for the country, then there are divisive forces which try to pull him down. Our country stands for unity in diversity. Riots and communal tensions have seen substantial decline under Modi government in the past 10 years. Under Modi Ji’s visionary leadership, Sabka Sath and Sabka Vikas has become a reality. If we are all together, this time PM Modi can get more than 400 or even 500 seats as compared to 300 earlier (2019),”.

Farooq Bawla, trustee, Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Trust said,”I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Modi ji for organizing this historic event at the Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Dargah which would send the message of communal harmony all across the world. PM Modi has worked for development and growth all sections of the society and no Prime Minister in the history of India has ever taken measures to unite all communities together. We need such leaders in future as well. The unparallel and unprecedented works Modi ji has done for the Muslim community has infused a new confidence in all of us. Modi Ji has heralded a new era for the country and Muslim community. We request Modi ji to provide reservation quota in education. We all members of Muslim community unanimously pray and pledge support for Modi ji’s return as Prime Minister in 2024.”


PM Modi empowered women with historic decisions: Muslim Woman

 A Muslim woman from Madhya Pradesh, Muskan Sheikh said “PM Modi is the only Prime Minister of Independent India who has made many impossible things possible, he has united India that was divided based on the religion. During the last 10 years, he has taken historic decisions like abolition of Triple Talaq which was pending for decades, through which he has extended relief, respect, and rights to Muslim Women in India. Today, the entire Muslim Community stands with PM Modi, especially after he introduced Sufi Samvad in the country.” She further anticipated for PM Modi’s victory in the forthcoming 2024 polls so that he can continue to take the nation towards greater heights of success.

 Anita, a Hindu woman from Nagpur said, “Under the previous government, our society was divided, but Prime Minister Modi has brought us all together as ‘One’. He has not just preached the concept of unity but has truly made it a reality. Moreover, PM Modi has ensured inclusive growth for Hindus, Muslims, and all other communities across the country during the last 10 years. His visionary leadership has further led India towards unprecedented development and also elevated its global standing by showcasing our country’s true potential to the world, which was earlier unknown.”

 All Muslims should vote for PM Modi for a brighter future: Muslim Businessmen & Professionals 

 A Nagpur resident and businessman, Afzal Mehdi said the safety of Muslims has increased under the PM Modi government in the past 10 years and it’s going to be even better in the coming times from the point of view of Muslims.

“Earlier, Muslims were seen as a vote bank only, but now Muslims are getting education, jobs and important posts. Muslims are making progress in every filed.  We feel proud that a lot that a lot of difference has been made due to the PM Modi. By talking about Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, Modi ji has brought all religions together. The work PM Modi has done for Muslims and the policies that he has announced for the community are helping Muslim students get scholarships and good education. I feel such facilities will be further improved by the PM Modi in his next term,” he said.

Mehdi said PM Modi is on a visit to Muslim countries (in the Gulf) and making India proud. “It shows PM Modi is committed to development of all communities. India has the world’s third largest eco system for Startups.  It shows PM Modi’s vision and commitment for taking the country forward. Today Muslims are involved in the Startups and are bringing forward new ideas which are being appreciated in all forums. The development and welfare done by the PM Modi in the past 10 years is unprecedented. We have never seen such scholarships and development initiatives before.  We feel the future of our children is really bright because of PM Modi.  I appeal all Muslim youngsters turning 18 to vote for PM Modi so that he becomes PM again and their future always becomes bright and secured” he added.

“Today, PM Modi has brought the poor and backwards forward by giving them support and awards. This is an example that if you do good work, you will be rewarded if you do the work in the interest of the country. I thank PM Modi for ensuring our development in every field from business to other sectors. We can’t thank PM Modi enough for this.  I wish PM Modi best in the coming Lok Sabh elections. We will try for him to become the PM again at least for the next five years. Ab ki baar, to 400 paar karwana hi  hai. (this time we will make PM Modi’s Lok Sabha seat tally cross at least 400+. Jai Bharat,” Mehdi added.         


A former pilot from Nagpur , Hasnain Jiwaji commended PM Modi’s exceptional work over the past decade for the Muslims. He said, “What Prime Minister Modi has done for Muslim Community during the last 10 years, no one has done it before. Despite living abroad for 15 years, I returned to India due to the safety and freedom extended to Muslims here. Since my return, I have experienced no discrimination, disrespect, or insecurity. No community can thrive alone in India – nation with a 140-Crore people – and PM Modi is taking everyone together on the path of progress through ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’. Moreover, he has instilled in us the spirit of unity and collective progress.”

“India will never have another Prime Minister who doesn’t consider himself as the Prime Minister but sees himself as a common man, thinks like a common man, and works for the welfare of the common man. Keeping aside his personal interests, he is committed in service to India, working tirelessly up to 18 hours a day. PM Modi’s popularity and admiration transcends beyond India across the world, which is evident in global leaders inviting him for significant events and seeking his guidance for major issues. The remarkable work done by PM Modi has done and will continue to in his tenure will be remembered for ages to come,” Jiwaji added.

An educationist Inayatullah Hatim Jeevaji, a member of Mahdi Bagh sect of Islam, said Muslim community was far behind in education but in the past 10 years under the Modi government, our community is not just growing but its flourishing in academics. Education is the most important factor for any community to grow and same holds true for Muslims as well. Today, scholarships are provided to Muslim youths to pursue their academics. The Muslim community has been empowered in the field of academics under the all-inclusive policies of the Modi government. Now people are provided with resources to better their lives for the purpose of their welfare and development of the nation as a whole and not to retain the vote bank. Our prayers are with Modi Ji that he continues to make significant strides for the growth and development of India in future as well.

“Over the past decade, PM Modi has taken several initiatives for the welfare of every segment and the positive results of it are visible clearly. He has empowered Indian women like never before. Without a doubt, PM Modi is the most effective and the best leader India has had since Independence. Today, he enjoys admiration from every corner of our nation, even among the children. We are committed to bring PM Modi as the Prime Minister again in 2024 and confident that he will continue steering India towards further progress and prosperity.”

 Only PM Modi can take India towards greater progress: Muslim Youth


A pilgrim at the Dargah from Madhya Pradesh, Shahbaz Khan said, “Prime Minister Modi’s efforts extend beyond religious boundaries, aiming towards the welfare and development of all communities without any discrimination, be it Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and any other faith. PM Modi has taken several initiatives for the Muslim Community, such as upgradation of Madrassas, preserving mosques and Islamic heritage, and promoting Sufism. Furthermore, he has uplifted every segment of society, especially women and youth through empowerment and employment. It’s rare to find a leader who genuinely considers the welfare of every community. Unlike the leaders in the last 65 years of Independent India who played politics of appeasement with minorities, PM Modi has ensured development (‘Vikas’). Today, not only Muslims but the entire India desires PM Modi’s return in 2024, because only he can take the nation towards greater progress.”

Illyas, a visitor from Uttar Pradesh, said, “Today there is no prohibition at religious places as who can come and who cannot. This speaks volume about the unity within the country today. As our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working for Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, we all are together and  this is the only way to growth and prosperity,”.

“The atrocities on minorities have come down drastically in the past 10 years of Modi government. Even crime and goonism have also come down in recent years. PM Modi has been doing exceptional work for the upliftment of minorities as well as people in general in the country. Under his leadership, we all are safe today. I want to express my deepest gratitude and wish his return as PM in 2024 elections. Abki Baar 400 Paar,” he added


India more united today under PM Modi than ever before : Nagpur Muslims

Mohammad Mansoor Ashrafi Memon, local Muslim man from Nagpur, said, “In the history of Independent India, no leader has steered our country towards progress like PM Modi has done in mere 10 years. PM Modi has changed both fate and global image of India. It is only with PM Modi’s return as the Prime Minister that can lead India towards speedy progress and ensure inclusive development for all (Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas). Every community has benefited from PM Modi’s works, and they will continue to prosper under his visionary leadership. Moreover, he has successfully fostered unity across India, which was divided under the previous governments before 2014. Today, we stand together as Indians, and our religion is one.”

Renowned academician, Dr Yusuf Ali Memon said there has been significant improvement in the field of education and skill-based training for the minorities which has uplifted their lives under the visionary leadership of the PM Modi.

“There have been so many works done under the Modi government such as adoption of the new education policy which was pending for the past 30 year. Establishment of new institutions such as IIMs and IITs all over the country has provided new opportunities to the Indian youth including to those from minority communities for getting world-class education which enhanced their employability,” he added.

Expressing his gratitude to PM Modi for his outreach programs for minority communities, Mehmud Ali, a member of Mahdibagh sect said, “India is progressing by leaps and bounds under the visionary leadership of PM Modi ji who has ensured Sabka Sath and Sabka Vikas by bringing all communities together. PM Modi has vision for holistic and all-inclusive growth of the nation, he deserves to become Prime Minister again, and we pray for PM Modi that he takes reins of power in his hands again in 2024. Without a doubt, people from all communities have felt that under the leadership of Modi ji country is more united today than ever before. Earlier, India did not have much say on issues cropping up at world stage but today, powerful nations consult India for its opinion on global issues. People from all communities must extend their support for Modi Ji’s return as Prime Minister in 2024 and make him win by over 300 seats which is essential for policy implementation and development of the nation,”.


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