Minorities Foundation launched with a Mission to ensure their Participation towards realizing the Vision of Developed India

 Religious & Spiritual Leaders of different minorities condemn the vested interests to malign the image of India during the launch of Indian Minorities Foundation

Minority Communities will not fall in-trap of Anti-social elements who want to create a social divide says Religious Leaders at the launch of Indian Minorities Foundation

Nation has given due recognition to the people of Minority Communities without any Discrimination, says Governor AP, Abdul Nazeer

Minorities Foundation to Foster the Spirit of Communal Harmony & Lay a Futuristic Roadmap to Ensure Participation of Minorities in Nation Building

Minorities Foundation launched with a Mission to ensure their Participation towards realizing the Vision of Developed India

Those having vested interests to create a communal divide amongst minorities have to be given a stern message that we are One Nation One Family says Satnam Singh Sandhu convener Minorities Foundation

India under the leadership of PM Modi has transformed from the land of appeasement politics to land of opportunities


“We condemn the vested interests to malign India and our Prime Minister on foreign soil. Those who are trying to create a communal divide amongst the minorities need to be given a strong message that India is United”. This is a joint statement made by the spiritual and religious leaders of different minority communities who came on one platform during the launch ceremony of Indian Minorities Foundation today at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi. The joint statement further said, “The Minority Communities in India will not fall in the trap of anti-social and anti-India elements who try to create a false narrative against our country and try to stop its economic and social progress. Through Indian Minorities Foundation we will work together for the welfare of different minority communities and will try to address the issues being faced by them”. S. Abdul Nazeer, Governor Andhra Pradesh launched the Indian Minorities Foundation along with the religious and spiritual leaders of 6 minority communities.

Renowned educationist, philanthropist and Chief Patron of NID Foundation Satnam Singh Sandhu, has been declared the Convener of Minorities Foundation while thought-leaders belonging to different communities have been announced as members of National Executive Council of the Foundation. In addition, renowned scholars and academicians have been made the members of National Advisory Council of the Minorities Foundation.


Eminent dignitaries who attended the launch of Minorities Foundation included Haji Syed Salman Chishty, Chairman Chishty Foundation; Dr. Sasmit Patra, Member of Parliament; Acharya (Dr.) Lokesh Muni, Founder President Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti; Yeshi Phuntsok, Deputy Speaker, Tibet Parliament, Dipankara Sumedho, Chairman

Buddhist Cultural Foundation, India, Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi, Renowned International Islamic Scholar, Dr. Faiyaz Ahmad Fyzie, Author & Social Activist from Pasmanda Community,  Trilochan Singh, Former Chairman National Commission for Minorities; Bhikkhu Sanghasena, President, Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre; Mr. Anil Masih, President All Churches Council for Punjab and Chandigarh, Sufi Md. Kausar Hasan Majidi, National President, Uloma Foundation & Chairman Jamia Alia Jafaria, Tariq Ahmad, President, Ahamdia Muslim Youth & Association of India, Ahsan Ghouri, Director External Affairs, Ahmadiyya Mulsim Community, Paramjit Singh Chandhok, Chief Advisor, Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech at Red Fort gave a vision to make India a developed nation in next 25 years. For this PM Modi gave PANCH-PRANS which every citizen of the country should contribute. Nation has given equal opportunities for the socio-economic progress of all the communities. Further the contributions made by the persons belonging to different minority communities have been duly recognized in the form of highest honors received during the last 75 years of India’s Independence” said Governor, S. Abdul Nazeer Andhra Pradesh. He further added that, “There has been no discrimination in recognizing the efforts of people belonging to minority communities by the Government and the Nation. Recently the government lead by PM Modi has made the Padma Awards as People’s Padma. Further if we consider the various beneficiary schemes run by the Modi Government, then we see that minority communities have been given equal and more benefit during the last 9 years”.

While delivering his address, Governor Andhra Pradesh, Shri S Abdul Nazeer said “Minorities have played significant role in the economic development of the nation. Right from struggle for India’s independence to the era of 21st century, when India became the Fifth Largest economy of the world, the role played by the minority communities cannot be undermined. The Constitution of India is unique in the world as it ensures Equality, Right to Freedom of Preach, Practice, Propagate any religion of their choice. Government under the leadership of PM Modi has worked on to create equal and more opportunities for the minority communities”. While talking about the participation of Minority Communities in governance, Abdul Nazeer said “India during 75 years of independence had 7 Presidents, 3 Vice Presidents, 1 Prime Minister, 6 Army Chiefs, 7 Air Chief Marshals & 6 Navy Chiefs from different minority communities. This shows that equal opportunities without any discrimination”. He further added that “As we approach 100 years of independence, it is a time to define the role to be played by minority communities in next 25 years, which will shape the future of India as a developed nation. The newly established Minority Foundation will play a crucial role in bringing the people of Minority Communities together, so that they can participate as a team for nation building.

Indian Minorities Foundation is first of its kind non-government, not-for-profit, non-political organization which aims to bring people of different minority communities together on a common platform with a mission to inculcate the spirit of communal harmony and participate as One Nation One Family for its development & progress.

 Convener of Minorities Foundation, Satnam Singh Sandhu said, “India got the most secular Prime Minister who is working with a vision of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Sabka Paryas”. He further added that, “One of the important objectives of the Minorities Foundation is to stand strong against the false narrative to create social divide amongst the minority communities by our enemy countries and vested foreign interests, who do not want India to progress. Minority Communities have always actively participated in the progress and economic development of the nation, but their issues remained un-resolved for last 65 years, since independence”. The scenario in the country changed from politics of appeasement to inclusive growth for all post-2014 when PM Modi came into power with a vision “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Sabka Vishwas Sabka Paryaas. Muslim women got empowered by making Triple Talaq unconstitutional, opening of Kartarpur Corridor after 7 decades of prayers by understanding emotional & spiritual significance of Sikh community for Kartarpur Sahib, ensuring delivery justice for 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims after 3 decades, ensuring socio-economic development of the minority communities through various initiatives such as PM Mudra Yojana, PM Awas Yojana, Post-Scholarships for students belonging to minority community.    

Sandhu further added that, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as strong leader who has worked for the social and economic welfare of minority communities. PM Modi has given a strong message of Inclusive India where everyone is given an equal opportunity to progress.”

While talking about the purpose of Minorities Foundation, Convener of the Foundation said “ The idea to establish ‘ Minorities Foundation’ was realized after lot of deliberation and discussion held during the first of its kind in All India Minority Conclave organized at Chandigarh where the thought leaders and spiritual leaders of different minority communities participated. The community leaders a need of establishing a common platform where a spirit of communal harmony and a deep sense of belongingness for the nation could be inculcated amongst the minority communities”.

Governor Andhra Pradesh S. Abdul Nazeer along with Convener Minorities Foundation Satnam Singh Sandhu launched the web portal of the Foundation and also released the activity calendar of the foundation for 2023.

Addressing the occasion, Dr. Sasmit Patra, Member Parliament said, “Our Prime Minister has given a vision of Amrit Kaal and as a citizen it is our duty to work towards realization of this goal. Abolition of triple talaq, giving equal opportunities for higher education, supporting the children of minorities for their education, providing loans through PM Mudra Yojna for entrepreneurship for minorities are some of the landmark decisions that have been undertaken during PM Modi tenure”. When India is moving ahead to become Global Super Power, there are western powers who have vested interests are putting all efforts to defame India and Indians, he added. 

Bhikkhu Sanghasena, Founder, President and Spiritual Director Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre; said, “Understanding the demand for Ladakh as separate UT, PM Modi made the historic statements in 2019. Various development projects has began which will become the base for future of our children”. 

Chairman Chishty Foundation, Ajmer Dargah, Haji Syed Salman Chishty said, “With representation from all Minority Communities, the launch of Indian Minorities Foundation has given a brighter ray of hope for a better tomorrow for all the Minorities, for India. While carrying the teachings and faith of respective religions, upholding the age-old legacy of Indian civilization and traditions, it is time that people belonging to Minority Communities must come together as one and contribute in building a Developed India.”

Former Chairman National Commission for Minorities Sh. Trilochan Singh said, “The Minorities Commission has been in existence for a long time in India, but has operated as a non-governmental organization in the country. But with the establishment of Indian Minorities Foundation, this gap has been filled. IMF will not just work for protecting the respective religions and rights of the people belonging to Minority Communities in India but also across the borders.”

Former Deputy Speaker, Tibet Parliament, Yeshi Phuntsok said, “India through its ancient and heritage teachings can provide solutions to the global problems. The world is looking towards us with hope that we will take all the communities together on the path of peace and development. We have to connect our younger generation with our traditions so that they can become good humans. All the religions that are practised in India talk about inclusive growth and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken this forward through various initiatives started during the last 9 Years.”


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