Minority communities denounce attempts by Western media and agencies to malign India’s image

 Minority communities denounce attempts by Western media and agencies to malign India’s image

 Minorities in India enjoy more freedom and development than minorities living in neighboring countries, say IMF delegates

Western media should stop targeting India; should rather concentrate on increasing hate crime incidents in their own countries, say minority community leaders

False propaganda against India on the issue of minorities being fueled by biased Western media

Minorities in India are progressing under the leadership of PM Modi, say minority community leaders

India is the safest country for minorities, western agencies have hidden and biased agenda against our nation, says minority community leaders

We along with PM Modi will contribute to India’s development, say IMF delegates during visit to Dargah Sharif in Ajmer


An interfaith delegation of the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) censured the attempts to misrepresent the facts and the bias shown by the Western agencies towards India, concerning religious freedom in the country.


They rebuked the pursuit of Western media and agencies to malign India’s image and reiterated that minorities in India enjoy more freedom and progress compared to the minority communities living in India’s neighboring countries. In a stern message to such false propaganda against India, the IMF delegates, comprising prominent leaders of all religious minorities visited Dargah Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan to pay respect and seek the blessings of Khwaja Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti (RA).


The delegates and religious leaders – who prayed for the peace and prosperity and development of the nation – seconded the religious tolerance in the country and hailed the initiatives taken by the Indian government under the leadership of PM Modi for promoting religious harmony. Meanwhile, a Sufi mehfil was also organised on the occasion in which the IMF delegates took part. Dargah Ajmer Sharif is one of the most revered sites in India not only for Muslims but also for the people of other faiths, who hold the saint in high esteem.



The delegates participated in the Friday prayers at Dargah Sharif. Along with them, 50,000 individuals took part in the special prayers transcending differences and promoting unity.

The delegation, on behalf of 140 crore Indians, prayed for peace and prosperity in the country. Meanwhile, the delegates also offered ‘Chadar,’ a symbol of devotion and respect, and is believed to carry the prayers and wishes of the devotee to the revered Sufi saint.

The visit aimed to show and strengthen the communal harmony and brotherhood among the members of different communities living in unity and affinity across India.



The delegation was led by Satnam Singh Sandhu, who is the convenor of the IMF. Haji Syed Salman Chishty, Sharif of Gaddi Nashin-Dargah and chairman, Chishty Foundation, in Ajmer was also part of the auspicious event.

The IMF delegates included IMF founder, Prof Himani Sood Mansoor Khan, National President, Sufi Islamic Board; Darshan Bhagwan Ahir, General Secretary Sufi Islamic Board; Kasis Warsi, President-Sufi Foundation, Moradabad; Anil Masih, President All Churches Council, Punjab and Chandigarh; Simon Barua, Monk; Debojit Roy, Monk; Bhikshu Ashvaghosh, member of Mahathera Sangharam Budh Vihar Delhi; Goswami Sushil, spiritual guru, and choreographer theaterist; Vivek Muni ji, founder of Acharya Sushil Muni Mission and S. Paramjit Singh Chandhok, Chief Advisor, Delhi Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee.



In a joint statement, the IMF delegates criticized the false narrative, against India, propagated by the media and agencies in the West. While trashing the false claims by Western media, the delegates said that motivated and biased information spread against India questions their own credibility. ‘India is the safest country for minorities, the Western agencies have hidden agendas against our nation. The religious freedom guaranteed by the Indian constitution to every citizen is protected by PM Modi. We along with PM Modi will contribute to India’s development,’ the members said in a joint statement, adding that the Western media should stop targeting the world’s largest democratic country which believes in respect for all.



Haji Syed Salman Chishty, chairman, Chishty Foundation, in Ajmer, during the IMF delegation’s visit to Dargah Sharif said that India is a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and religions. The secular fabric in India is thriving and the vested interests cannot break it by any means. “Indian Minorities can take care of themselves and their rights. Minorities in India are strong and independent enough to raise their concern. Western countries and media should stop being protagonists of Indian Minorities,” said Haji Syed Salman Chishty.

He also hailed the welfare initiatives taken for minority communities by PM Modi during the last nine years and endorsed the fact that minorities now feel safe in India. “India is our nation and Narendra Modi is our Prime Minister. We feel safe and secure under his leadership. A lot of new developmental initiatives have been taken during the last 9 years of PM Modi’s tenure in the minority communities which they were hoping for decades,” Haji Syed Salman Chishty added.



IMF convenor, Satnam Singh Sandhu rebuked the flawed understanding of the Western media about India and their continuous pursuit to vilify the country. “India is home to a diversity of religions and cultures that have co-existed for centuries. India is a vibrant pluralistic society and every religion has thrived in India that is because of the heritage that has taught us to respect every religion and culture. Naturally, India values religious freedom and human rights,” said Satnam Singh Sandhu.


Satnam Singh Sandhu, further said, “Under the leadership of PM Modi, the lives of minorities in the country for the better. These communities are progressing under the leadership of PM Modi and the false propaganda against India on the issues of minorities is being fueled by biased Western media. Several landmark decisions and initiatives were taken by the Modi government during the last nine years that made possible the holistic development of India. PM Modi understands the aspirations and needs of every minority community. The minorities are now equal part of India’s governance and development and they enjoy every freedom without any discrimination.”



While denouncing the continuous attempts by Western media to target and malign the image of India on minority issues, Anil Masih, president of all churches council, Punjab and Chandigarh, said that India is certainly not a country where minorities are persecuted, the minorities rather have flourished in the country over the years. “India is certainly not among the countries where minorities are persecuted. The false propaganda fueled by Western media is a misrepresentation of the facts. The welfare of the minority communities has been at the heart of PM Modi-led government and these communities feel safe and secure in India,” Anil Masih added.



Simon Barua, a Buddhist monk, India has emerged as the promoter of peace in the world and PM Modi is the global ambassador of peace. “PM Modi’s leadership has always been focused on creating a harmonious and peaceful society. We do not understand the basis of false narratives by Western media against India on the issues of minorities,” he said, adding that we must stop the attempts to create communal disturbance in our nation by the Western agencies who have their vested interests.


He further stated that PM Modi, during his nine years, was able to resolve the long pending issues of the minority communities which has resulted in all-round development.


Debojit Roy, another Buddhist Monk, also reiterated that India’s secular fabric has strengthened during the tenure of PM Modi. “The fabric of secularism in India has been strengthened under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has worked for the development of every Indian without any discrimination based on religion. Western media is trying to paint a wrong image of India, but the fact is they have a biased mindset,” he said.

“Entire world is looking at India with hope for finding solutions for global problems but there are some elements in the Western countries who cannot see India as an emerging global power. ‘Nation First’ has always been the policy of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is the reason why India has become the largest economy in the world under his leadership. The Western media is not able to accept the new global reality in which India has emerged as a global power,” Debojit Roy further said.




Bhikshu Ashwaghosh, who is a member of Mahathera Sangharam Budh Vihar Delhi, said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the message of Buddha to the world for peace and love. We must shun the hatred which some elements are trying to propagate amongst us. These elements have vested interests in dividing India. India has always been helpful to those who have been persecuted. We are proud to be citizens of a nation called India which has always talked about One World, One Family.”

“The aspirations of the Minority Communities are well understood by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is continuously working for improvement in our development and progress.  Long pending issues such as the creation of Ladakh as a separate UT have been resolved successfully by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As I offer my prayers at the holy and sacred Gareeb Nawaz Dargah of Ajmer today, I feel emotional and pray for India to become a global power. The delegation of the Indian Minorities Foundation participated in a prayer ceremony at Dargah Sharif today as a symbol of communal harmony and brotherhood and prayed for peace in the country,” said Bhikhu Ashwaghosh.





Darshan Bhagwan Ahir, General Secretary of the Sufi Islamic Board, said, "Since Prime Minister Modi came into power in 2014, he has given a unique development model for education, employment, and empowerment of the Minority Communities in India, and there has been an inclusive development of the Minorities during his tenure of nine years. Under his leadership, the people belonging to the Minority Communities are being provided ample opportunities to move forward by the Government of India. However, western countries are trying to adopt the 'divide and rule policy' to bring a rift among the communities in India. We together can foil their attempts at creating communal differences through false propaganda."


Goswami Sushil, Founder of Acharya Sushil Muni Mission, said, "Western media is falsely propagating atrocities on minorities in India as they are unable to tolerate India's economic progress and growing power. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, minority communities in India have been given an atmosphere of confidence and progress. Just as all the religious communities of India achieved success by showing solidarity during the fight for freedom, now we have to fight another war against the Western media that is spreading false anti-India propaganda. India is a symbol of peace in the world, and if anyone tries to divide our nation, all the Indian minority communities together will not allow them to succeed."



Kasis Warsi, President of the Sufi Foundation Moradabad, said, "There are continuous efforts by Western media and agencies to tarnish the image of India at a global level, which we strongly oppose. People belonging to Minority Communities are the safest in India. But the Western media is constantly trying to disturb communal harmony and brotherhood in India while it should be paying attention to the atrocities against the Minorities in their respective nations. In 75 years of independence, no Indian prime minister has understood the problems of Minorities as deeply as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has, and under his leadership, Minorities are contributing largely to the country's development.”



Vivek Muni ji, the founder of Acharya Sushil Muni Mission, said, "The population of minorities in our neighboring countries is decreasing, which is a clear result of the atrocities on the people of minority communities in those nations. Whereas in India, the Constitution of India gives equal rights to people of all religions and communities, and the minorities are fully taken care of, and hence each community is progressing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi further has laid special emphasis on the social and economic progress of the minorities ever since he has come into power. India is emerging as a global economic power, owing to which the hold of developed countries over the world is growing weaker, and so they are constantly trying to weaken India by creating a rift amongst the communities." He further added that the Western powers have no right to speak on India's internal issues and instead should focus on improving the conditions of minority communities in their respective countries.



Mansoor Khan, President, of Sufi Islamic Board National, said that the Western countries and Western media should first concentrate on the atrocities (hate crimes) of minorities in their respective countries and then extend any advice to India. “The Western media has adopted a biased attitude against India and is spreading bad propaganda regarding Indian minorities. Minorities in India have complete religious freedom, and the Modi-led Government pays special attention to the development of Minority Communities. However, there are many countries in the world where innumerable atrocities are being committed against minorities, but the Western media ignores them and does not report them. Following the 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' policy, PM Modi has resolved the long-pending problems and issues of minorities,” said Mansoor Khan.














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